Uganda Computer  Aid (UCAid)  is an amazing initiative  active at  bridging the digital  gender  gap and promoting digital literacy in  the rural remote communities through carrying out Mobile ICT Outreaches, UCAid imparting I.C.T skills  in Youths, girls, women, children and people with disabilities   in Uganda .


Uganda Computer Aid  works with both local and international partners, among the international partners are UN-International Telecommunication Union, Turkey International  Co-operation Agency, FreeBalance Canada , Karucan International  etc.  

Even 25 local  secondary schools, 9 primary schools, 11  women associations, 6 youth associations, and 12 Local NGOs.


We train Youths, girls, women  and the disabled children (deaf, blind and crippled)the modern technology(I.C.T) skills. They are trained  in areas like computer basics , typing, Microsoft Applications, Internet use ,coding and other technical skills for those who are interested .


"I.C.T  Skills  and  Knowledge For All"


"To  impart ICT  skills  and  knowledge into  Youths, ,girls , women  and  PWDs  for  community transformation,  improve mode of learning, business expansion, improving lives and increasing equality  technology opportunities"


"To create  a nation  of digital  literacy  and  shaping the future of ICT   and  Digital Equality  in Uganda"

The core objectives of  Uganda Computer Aid  are to , 

  1. To  empower Youths  with  Digital  Skills   take on Tech opportunities.

  2. To  motivate   girls , women  and the disabled  children(blind and deaf) to take on technology opportunities.

  3. To  make ICT out reaches in schools in   remote mountainous areas to  for girls ,women and the disabled children to access  ICT skills .

  4. To  promote Digital  gender   equality  .


This is how it works, First, High School Diploma Vacationists  who did   ICT and passed with at least a  credit are welcomed to  apply for  the training opportunities ,  they go through a one month  of training,  facilitation and briefing about their code of conduct while working  with  Uganda Computer Aid. UCAid  has 11  ICT trainers in .

The welfare of the trainers is covered by the organization, including transport costs, medical ,meals and  free internet every month  to  be used in ICT Out reaches.


To  bring  up Mobile   ICT  laboratories     for  the people  in  the  mountainous  region  to  access    ICT  resources   especially  those  in  deep remote areas .

To establish    an Innovation Park  in  the   mountainous   Rwenzori region    of  Uganda  For Youths,  girls  ,women and  PWDs  to  access  skills  Development Opportunities.