Our Impact

Over the past 3 years, we have seen how technology can  empower  Women,girls , the disabled children and positively affect the learning experience, business expansion, and development of communities. We also believe that Technology  can be  great tool to empower  girls, women, disabled children and refugees.

When Computer Aid started was inaugurated  in 2018, our aim was to bring technology to as many people as possible to unlock their potential and give them equal opportunities  both girls and boys, women and men  the disabled  including the blind and the deaf  children. Although the digital divide still exists, we can say we've had a measured impact since we opened.

We have   imparted  modern technology  skills   into  over 1,440 girls,boys ,Youth and  women  including disabled children(blind, deaf and those with physical disabilities)   in  the  Mt. Rwenzori  region     bordering  the  Equatorial rain forests of Democratic  Republic  of  Congo.

Technical    I.C.T  skills  For All

Computer  Basics

DIgital   Literancy

Microsoft  Applications

Typing  Skills

Internet  Use